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Nice Brekkie

I always like my breakfast to be a hearty affair, topped with good coffee, as it sets the tone right for the rest of the day. Hardly get that opportunity nowadays, cause the cook in my company is really sucky and the menu is limited and just repeats itself every wk. (Mee siam, fried bee hoon, mee soto, lor mee, porridge and the cycle repeats)

That's why whenever I go for courses/seminars in town, I relish the feeling of being able to eat anything in hawker centre and then sip my coffee slowly in Starbucks as I watch the morning crowd hurry by. Besides the good food/coffee, something about you relaxing on company's time while the entire world is spinning around just felt luxurious. 

Today, I had the day off in lieu of the Deepavali hol tomm. Most of the people are working, so I decided I should have a good brekkie and just enjoy the bustle free state. Off we went to Choupinette, a cafe along Bukit Timah. You'll never miss it, cos its decor is so French like and quaint with nice curtains. (But in case you do, its directly beside Coronation Plaza). I say cafe, but this place really only serves pastry and breakfast stuff the entire day.

The egg benedict  here is fantastic! But the coffee is average. I had a flat white, which is latte with less milk. I realized you can't really find a lot of places selling flat white. This is only the 2nd place I have tried at. The first one being Mac at suntec, which serves a decent flat white at reasonable price. Breakfast is not cheap though. It costs abt 20bucks per person inclusive of egg benedict, a coffee and a cup of cranberry juice. Cheap enough for a decent meal, but certainly not cheap for breakfast, cos my brekkie is usually $2 wanton mee + $0.60 soybean milk. haha...


Egg Benedict - 2 poached eggs served with ham and perfectly toasted bread with hollandise sauce


Flat white coffee



Which is the reason why I am now posting an entry when in fact I should be working on my exam paper next Tue...=(.There have been some changes at work, with 2 of my colleagues opting for department transfer and another one leaving. For those transferred, I saw that coming, cos they have afterall been doing the same thing for the last 6-7yrs. Just that I didn't expect it to be now and certainly not having to receive the news via SMS from another colleague. Why couldn't they just choose another more opportune time huh?!

Feeling demoralized, sadness and a bit of pressure (cos afterall I am most senior now). Oh man, why am I still in this shit hole? Feel like quitting. argh!! 


Oh my god. The time is now 1.52am, I am super hungry and I don't feel sleepy at all. Wonder if its the coffee that I drank or that stupid financial reporting textbook I was reading earlier which is keeping me starke awake.

I can already tell that tommorrow will be a dreadful day,

as Miss Irritable goes everyway,

everyone pls shun her way

stay, work or play within your bay

and you'll remain gay anyway......





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